Amazing Day! Fall Brunch!

Amazing Day! Fall Brunch!

Our Fall for Bunch event was a success as you can see from the pictures below! What a great day it was full of great food, drinks and lots of laughs! I was so happy to see all of the people who came out and it was truly amazing to see everyone enjoy themselves! I look forward to having another brunch event in the future! Thanks again for all the support!

Here’s a few pictures of the brunch below, but check out my Instagram for more! I was happy to have Jauline from Jauline’s Photography take my pictures and as you can see they turned out great!

bunch03 brunch01bunch02

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  1. Hi Mady, thank you so much for your support! I am very happy that you were able to make it! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’ll keep you posted on upcoming events! 🙂

  2. Chef Nikki and her team did an amazing job.
    The food was great, especially the blackened jerk fish. The desserts were awesome and the ambience was beautiful.

  3. Chef de Partie, bon appetite. Ok so my French is bad but what was outstanding is the food that was uniquely created and served at this lovely brunch. The decor made you want to eat all that was on the menu. Thank you Nikki from another Nicky job well done!!!!

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