Cooking Class January 7th Winter’s In The Air

Cooking Class January 7th Winter’s In The Air


These classes are all fun and full of flavor!!! We will be using all fresh, seasonal ingredients


IMG 20220619 213740 568Let’s cook awesome dishes using fresh ingredients in our hands-on classes!!!
Pan Seared Cajun Chicken
Pomegranate Cranberry Rice
Winter Salad w/ Strawberry Vinaigrette
Class Description: 

Hmmm!!! Here’s a tasty winter menu that will definitely come in handy for your family or even guests. Come alone and make new friends of invite your spouse or someone to join us for this hands-on class where you’ll learn to create an unforgettable gourmet meal showcasing fresh seasonal flavors. Pan searing chicken, combining pomegranates and cranberries that would add the sweetness and tartness to your rice and making your own salad dressing. So much to learn and cook and a guarantee for you to enjoy every bite. Your instructor will share secrets for how to use fall flavors to create an awesome meal. You’ll love working alongside your date, friends 0r strangers that will   definitely become friends at the end of each class.

Time: Classes are 4pm to 6pm

What to expect: You will be put into groups to work together in each class

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