Adult Cooking Classes

For adult cooking events, Spices of the Sun will be having popup cooking events which will be posted on our website. Check in daily for updates on new classes, scheduling and pricing.

Private cooking classes and cooking parties for Adults.

Corporate Events:

Have a great time bonding as you and your team cook and eat. We will handle all the details. Everyone will take part in games and cooking competitions. These hands on cooking events will improve communication among coworkers as well as encourage team building, and group bonding while chefin’ it up!

Guests will work in teams to create an amazing 3 to 4 course meal, then they will sit down and eat. Feel free to BYOB.

Against the clock:

There will be a cook off competition where guests will be supplied with 4 main ingredients, then will have the pantry to execute their production as they race against the clock.

Cupcake decorating competition:

Each team will be fully equipped with freshly baked, assorted cupcakes, ingredients and the tools needed to make very yummy flavors of buttercream. The team will also have an abundance of different flavors and and colors of toppings to choose from. Each team will battle it out to see who will win the competition for best cupcake design. 

Private lessons hands on fun:

$80.00 per person + the cost of groceries (BYOB or + cost of wine upon request) up to 4 people

Cooking Parties hands on fun:

$70.00 per person + the cost of groceries (BYOB + cost of wine upon request)

Kick off your shoes and treat yourself or someone special with a gift of an amazing culinary experience. Enjoy 2-3 hours of awesome cooking and then enjoy your creation. Our private lessons includes menu planning, basic cooking techniques that will make you feel more confident in the kitchen. We also create an atmosphere of relaxation and enlightenment as we put amazing ingredients together, whether it’s making pizza or pasta from scratch, making a yummy dish with Steak, Seafoods, Tofu, Chicken or even making amazing Caribbean cuisines using exotic spices.

Think about those awesome people that you haven’t seen in a while!!!! Plan a day or a night of fun. What better way to catch up than to cook together, laugh, talk, listen to some really nice music, hey!!! Have a glass of wine. Whether you just want to have a girl’s night, friends catching up or a corporate event. You and your guests will enjoy 2 – 3 hours of cooking a 3 course meal (+ wine upon request). Food brings people together, what better way to spend the time.

Teen and Kids Cooking Classes

Our classes are $385.00 per student

10 week program (currently Saturdays only) 9am to 11:30 am or 12pm to 2:30pm

In our Jr chefs and Teens cooking classes, our kids experience hands-on learning where they are elbow deep in all the basics of cooking. They are taught cooking techniques, knife skills and kitchen safety.

*We encourage kids to were proper shoes (sneakers), hear ties, and comfy clothing. Cell phones are not permitted during meal prep and production time, but can be used once hands-on time is over.

Our students are lovingly encouraged to try new flavors and tastes of foods, but it is up to them to do so. We use a lot of organic products and support out local farmers.  Although kids go wild with excitement as they discover the menu of the day, we encourage kids to help out with meal planning for the next class, and they are involved in creating menus, food prep and cooking, then at the end of it all they get to eat these yummy meals. Your child / children create awesome dishes ranging from appetizers, pastas, burgers, desserts and we also explore foods from different parts of the world, and are also involved in mystery baskets and cooking competitions that allows them to have an amazing culinary experience that they could later share with their families. They also receive a recipe card with all the dishes they created.

Our age groups are:

Children ages: 6 to 12

Teens Jr Chefs ages: 13 – 16

Teens and young adult 17 – 21


Allergies and Substitutions:

At the beginning of each class we ask parents to list all allergies their child / children might have. We also consider dietary preferences. All foods are done with each allergy in mind and we then substitute ingredients to ensure the safety of our students.

*Please note: we do not cook with pork

Currently classes are being held at the Clifton Boys and Girls Club. Classes are drop off only.

Kids Cooking Parties

Planning your kids’ birthday parties are so much fun! So here’s an idea! How about something different this time around. Our kid’s cooking parties are safe and super fun. Our parties are age appropriate and hands on and can be done at your home, but don’t worry, if you don’t have the space we can provide the space for you for an additional cost. My assistant and I will show up at your home with groceries 15 minutes prior. Your child and their friends will have hands on training to create the meal of your choice. We will clean up and wash dishes before leaving. All children in the party will also be provided with a take away bag with aprons, cooking utensils and a menu card which.


Ages 3-6 $1375 for 10 kids 2.5 hours

Upon arrival kids will be served with Veggies and fruits snack |water, juice box, mixed fruit lemonade

*Parents will have cheese platter or charcuterie tray

Menu for lessons:

Pizza and cupcake decorating | baking lessons


Pasta and meatballs | chocolate chip cookies baking lessons


Ages 7 – 12 $1675 for 12 kids 2.5 hours

Upon arrival kids will be served with water, juice or mixed fruit lemonade

Parents will be provided with cheese platter or Charcuterie tray

Menu options for classes:

Pasta and meatballs | cupcake making class


Hamburger making w/ onion rings | brownie making class


Ages 13 to 18 $2095 for 12 teen chefs

Kids will do a cooking competition or have a bake off with their friends. A dish will be chosen and your teen chefs will go at it to see whose dish is the tastiest and most presentable. Parents will part take of meals.

Hors d’oeuvres and appetizers will be made and served by Chef Niki and her team

Parents will be partaking of dishes that are created. All teens will be hands on in preparing dishes.

Enjoy yummy Mocktails, fruity lemonade, coffee and water.

Cooking Competition

Hors d’ oeuvres: choose 3

Caramelized onion, corned beef and goat cheese polenta

Potato Gorgonzola and rosemary puff pastry tart

Pull a part cheesy broccoli and artichoke pinwheels

Spicy butternut squash, chives, truffle cream and a dash of spices of the sun hot sauce

Meatball sliders

Garlic fennel roasted shrimp with spices of the sun cocktail sauce

Jalepenos poppers

Tomato and feta bruschetta w/ balsamic glaze

Thyme honey peach and goat cheese crostini

Sweet and spicy Asian wings

Guacamole bites

Honey and pine nuts goat cheese

Ahi tuna cucumber r bites

Skillet Black bean queso dip

Broccoli cheddar soup

Mini tangy chicken dumplings

Mini crispy chicken sliders


Appetizers: choose 3

Hot crab dip

Brussel sprout and bacon with blue cheese bites

Crispy baked zucchini fritters

Steak and cheese puff pastry

Spicy meatballs with creamy bell pepper dip

Tomato goat cheese and corned beef tarts

Phoulorie (Trinbagonian indian appetizers)

Blooming Onions

Baked brie w/ fig and nuts

Chicken gyoza

Amazing grilled chicken / fish tacos

Trinbago style Spicy shrimp


Main Course: choose 1

French onion stuffed chicken

Creamy garlic meatballs

Shrimp / chicken Scampi

Baked ziti

Eggplant parmesan

Sirloin strip w/ mashed potatoes

Taco spaghetti

Green Pepper steak

Juicy double loaded cheese burgers w/ wedges

Filet Mignon w/ Spicy onion rings

Trini style Curry chicken W/ buss up shot or dhal pourie

Roasted duck breast

Curry lemon crusted halibut w/ water melon

Mac and Cheese Souffle


Bake off options: choose 1

 Gooey apple fritter bread

Chocolate banana bread

Baked spiced donuts

Sour cream coffee muffins

Lemon poppy seed muffins

Crinkle cookies


Desserts : choose 1

Chocolate Cobbler

Baked stuffed French Beignets

Chocolate lava cake

Vanilla apple cake in a jar   

Cream puffs

Coconut cream messy delight

No bake berry dessert lush

Bridal Showers Cooking Classes

Oh, that special day is fast approaching. Give that beautiful bride to be a shower to remember. Give her a gift of learning a few more skills in the kitchen by having a private cooking session so she can make her husband his favorite meal, or throw her the best bridal shower ever, or do both!!!  Let’s plan an awesome event serving up unlimited Mimosas or a full blown all catered party, have it buffet style or sit and be served by my waiting staff, feel confident that this will make you the best Maid / Matron of honor. Maybe a brunch, an awesome lunch or a 3 course meal. While you are being an awesome host and magnificent friend, rest assured that the food being served will leave everyone at that party wanting to take home a goodie bag.

*Pricing starts at $850 for a party of 10


Bridal Parties:

Ok, so maybe you don’t want to learn to cook this time….instead you want to have a morning / evening of fun and dancing…all eyes on the bride to be!!!! We will cater to you, whether you want a brunch event with big fancy hats or getting down with your friends. We will design a menu for you that ties into your theme and create decadent dishes that will bring added satisfaction to your event.

Menu selection not limited.

*contact us for a free consultation

Personal Chef

Experience our personal chef services by choosing from a variety of meal plans or let’s plan it together. We’ll create awesome, delicious, nutritious and wholesome meals for your convenience in the comfort of your home and safety of your kitchen allowing you the ability to have healthy, great tasting food and more free time. We customize all meals, whether it is for your family or for self-improvement for individual health and wellness purposes. We cater to all dietary preferences, whether you prefer vegan, paleo, vegetarian, gluten free or need low-sugar diets for diabetics, and this is just to name a few. All clients are given a free assessment where we will sit and get to know each other and determine the best, mouth-watering meals that would fit your specific dietary needs and goals. Not only will our personal chefs do all the cooking, but the grocery shopping, packaging with heating instructions, and cleaning in order to create a stress free client and amazing culinary experience. You will be able to schedule your personal chef to come at a time that best fits your schedule.

*Pricing starts at $340 for a 5 meal session plus the cost of groceries.

Private Chef Services

If you are in need of an exclusive chef to cater to you and /or your family on a constant basis, these services are available. We will do an initial free consultation that will help us to get to know each other better, and we will take notes about allergies, food preferences and dietary substitutions, there will also be weekly menu planning. Our services includes, grocery shopping meal prep, serving and clean up.

*Pricing starts at $475 per day plus the cost of groceries

Private Parties

When hosting a cocktail party / small gathering or private parties, no need to stress. We will create an amazing 3 course meal that will not only be appealing to the eyes, but will taste amazingly delicious. All you would have to do is relax and be the most gracious and accommodating host, enjoying the company of your guests. You and your guests can expect to have an unforgettable culinary journey that will leave you wanting more.

*Pricing estimation starts at $515 plus the cost of groceries for a group of 4 for a 3 course meal

*Pricing estimation starts at $500 plus the cost of food for appetizers and finger foods for cocktail hour